As a consumer, you can sign up at:https://vileon.io/sign-up And upload a photo and one video.

If you want to make your own content that can be used in the app, you must be a member. Anyone can download the app and scan content. But only members can create their own content with Vileon.

Everybody who have downloaded Vileon and have access to the recognition picture or web address (URL) can see the video.

Within 10 minutes it will be possible to scan the uploaded image and play the uploaded video.


You must upload in .mp4 format.

Android and iPhone usually records in .mp4 format.

Technically, there are no restrictions. But we recommend a video length of max 15 minutes.

Be aware. The longer the video is, the longer the ‘load-time’, which means there is more waiting time before the video starts.

The size of a video can max. be 250 megabytes. So we recommend to compress the video if it takes up more space.

The wait for the video depends on the size of the file and the Internet connection. Basically, it will take between two to four seconds before the video plays. 


Vileon is an app made for image recognition. So there is some things you need to be aware of when you’re creating your own content. 

  1. You can not take a selfie and then scan your face afterwards. You need to scan the actual picture you’ve just took.
  2. If you take a picture of a car and try to scan the car afterwards, the video will not play. You need to scan the exact photo of the car to play the video. 
  3. if you take a picture of an object with a logo, make sure it’s only the logo that is visible. 

The more details and contrasts an image has, the better it is to use as recognition image. It may therefore be difficult to recognize if there are soft transitions and / or is a blurred design.

You can have all the images that your subscription allows.

It can only be uploaded in .jpg and .png.


Vileon works with most Android phones. However, we recommend a more recent smartphone for the best experience.

As a minimum, you need Android version 7.0. But we recommend the latest update for a better experience.

If you have given permission, Vileon will automatically, otherwise the app will always ask for permission before updating.


Vileon works for most iPhones. However, we recommend a more recent iPhone for the best experience.

As a minimum, you must have iOS version 11.0. But we recommend the latest update for the best experience.

Yes, Vileon works for all tablets.


It is possible to share an account. But only one user can make changes at a time.

Yes, if the same video is uploaded along with several different recognition images, the same video will be played by scanning each image

The better and newer your camera, the faster it captures the recognition image.

Please keep in mind that autofocus will improve the response time between the photo and video.

Vileon can be download for free on both Google Play and App Store.